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Barbara Ambrosia

National Account Executive

Since 2006, Barbara has facilitated cost studies on all building types and sizes for owners nationwide in many different industries. Her cost segregation experience has helped her identify additional tax savings by working side-by-side with both owners and their tax professionals. She is “hands-on” during the entire process and emphasizes the importance of an engineering-based cost segregation application delivered according to the most up-to-date U.S. Tax Codes.

Since 2012, Barbara has implemented educational opportunities for tax professionals across the upper midwest. This includes the Illinois CPA Society,, and the Independent Accountants Association of Illinois, to name a few.

Additionally, auto dealerships have achieved substantial tax savings from cost segregation and disposition write-down due to manufacturer-driven renovations. Due to Barbara’s extensive knowledge in this area, she has been invited to attend the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Wheelhouse Innovation Session in Dallas, Texas.

She carefully reviews each client’s situation to assure that other tax-saving opportunities, such as partial asset disposition, bonus depreciation, and capital to expense reversals, are evaluated for additional potential savings.

CSSI® is the Premier company for engineering-based cost segregation studies in America.

Our objective at CSSI® is to facilitate maximum tax savings to improve your cash flow, allowing your businesses to grow, evolve, and flourish. With more than 30,000 cost segregation studies completed, our team of professionals ensures maximum tax savings.

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